Our Solution

Web3Shield's Crypto Bridge Insurance is the definitive response to the challenges that have impeded the growth and trust in Crypto Bridges. With a vision to empower users and enhance their confidence, we offer a suite of features that enable bridges to offer users an extra layer of assurance, directly within the transaction flow.

Simple and Intuitive

  • One-click Insurance: We believe in a user-centric approach where less is more. With our integration, users can simply select an insurance option during their bridging process. It's as straightforward as ticking a box.

  • No Additional Token: Keeping user convenience at the forefront, we've opted against introducing a proprietary token. Users can pay the insurance premium directly with the token they're bridging, streamlining the process and removing the need for additional tokens or conversions.

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Insured Bridge Transfers: We enable users to add insurance to their bridge transfers effortlessly, ensuring peace of mind as they navigate between chains.

  • Atomic Coverage: Our solution integrates seamlessly into the bridging process, providing an unbroken, comprehensive coverage tailored to the individual transaction.


  • Easy to Integrate SDK: Our Software Development Kit (SDK) is built for smooth and rapid integration, enabling bridges to offer our insurance solutions without hitches.

  • Multichain Support: Web3Shield embraces the diverse world of blockchain, offering support across various chains, ensuring versatility for every bridge partner.

Our mission is not just to provide insurance but to weave trust into every transaction, fostering a safer and more reliable blockchain ecosystem.

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